It’s only fiction until it happens…


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Agent Emily Graham is who she is today because of her family, because of her friends and colleagues, and because of her absolute belief that everyone should be treated fairly. She sees it as her role to make sure that those who do unfair things pay a price. She is a woman being true to her beliefs.

But what happens when a group decides that their beliefs are the only acceptable ones and everyone else, including Agent Emily Graham, must bow their heads and surrender to them. What happens when, one by one, those things Emliy believes in are shaken: her belief in family, her belief in friends and colleagues, and even her role as a protector of fairness?

Emily Graham has faced difficult times before, but in this third book of the series the greatest battle is a personal one. Will she she bow? Will she survive? If she survives, who will she become?

In this third battle with a powerful enemy, Emily Graham is faced with completely redefining her life as she finds herself living in a world of…Disbelief!